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Fibre cement external cladding is extremely popular in Australia, both for its functional and aesthetic properties. Acting like a protective skin against the harsh Australian climate, external cladding can also be customised to suit the individual design of almost any home and improve its appearance. Originally developed by James Hardie in the 1980s, fibre cement cladding (FRC) has many advantages over other types of building materials. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Fibre Cement Cladding?

Fibre cement is a mixture of cement, sand, water, cellulose fibres plus some minor additives. It most commonly comes in sheets that are used to cover the exterior of a house (known as cladding). Its fire-resistant properties make it ideal for use on homes built in bushfire-prone areas and can be used by both professional builders and DIY enthusiasts.

Benefits of Fibre Cement

Fibre cement offers many practical benefits and makes an ideal material for exterior cladding.

  • Low Maintenance – no specialist chemicals required for cleaning just soap and water.
  • Durable – resistant to mould, bacteria, termites, rot, warping and water damage
  • Easy to Install – fibre cement cladding can be installed quickly, efficiently and safely reducing the overall build time.
  • Allow the building to breathe and thermoregulate – provides a well-ventilated cavity between the surface of installation and the back of the panels.
  • Energy-efficient – FRC is one of the most energy efficient materials on the market
  • Design flexibility – choose from a wide range of contemporary styles and colours
  • Affordable

All James Hardie products come with generous warranties. Speak to your local expert at Ison and Co when purchasing to find out more.

Types of Fibre Cement Cladding Panels

James Hardie makes a range of high-quality external cladding products. You can choose from different styles, textures and colours to compliment or contrast with existing design features. Here are just some examples:

These Linea weatherboards not only look great, but they are low maintenance and hold paint better than wood. They are also resistant to shrinking, swelling and cracking!

A beautiful example of how James Hardie’s Matrix Cladding can be used to combine the old with the new. The heritage roofline is retained and complemented by the modern renovation. 

Linea weatherboards are the perfect choice for this coastal home renovation. A cross between contemporary and classic, fibre cement cladding is also incredibly durable.


James Hardie Fibre Cement cladding products are available at very competitive prices from Ison and Co. You can pick up from one of our four local stores or we can arrange delivery to site. Get in touch to find out more.