We supply a variety of steel for all types of building and domestic usage. The following are some of the items supplied to Builders and Handy persons for various jobs in building construction or renovations.


Gal Tubing is a strong bit of tubing for usage of building various constructions
Painted Blue Steel is a mild steel painted blue to be used in any general fabrication and has minimal exposure to the elements.
Duragal is made from high tensile steel, DuraGal doesn’t shrink or warp and it is termite proof. DuraGal is in-line, hot dip galvanised, it is corrosion resistant
Solid Steel Rod can be used for Staged construction, Wall to floor connections, wall to wall connection. There are many uses for these steel Rods.
Aluminium Angle is used for a multitude of purposes eg; tiling, shelving.
Ableflex this is a flexible joint filler that allows closure of the joint and prevents ingress of debris in joints in slabs and concrete elements.
Solid Base Galintels are an effective, load – bearing lintel which provide excellent structural rigidity and corrosion resistance
Multi Rib Flat Galintels are hot–rolled lintels with multiple ribs that allow for more efficient mortar bedding between lintel and brickwork
Galintel ‘T’ Bar is a lightweight, easy to install lintel which, together with mortar and brickwork, forms a composite beam with superior strength and load bearing capacity.
Galintel Rendabar is a total load – bearing lintel specifically designed for supporting brickwork above windows and doors
Uni-Flow Drainage System UniFlow is a modular galvanised drainage system with a range of Easi-Fit accessories.
Corrugated Roof Cladding is a traditional profile available in a range of colorbond colours.
Steel mesh provides customers with genuine opportunities to save time, money and effort on the next reinforced concrete project
Trench mesh and accessories are an efficient way to reinforce footings in residential construction

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