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Keeping your garden looking its best requires both effort and the right tools. The simplest way to get your garden into shape is with power gardening tools. However, if you’re relatively new to gardening, it can be tricky to know where to start. Here are our top 5 power gardening tools that will help get your gardening jobs done quickly and easily.

Lawn Mower

Lawn mowing may be an essential gardening task but don’t underestimate the difference a good quality lawn mower will make to your lawn. Ideally, you want a lawn mower that is easy to push and manoeuvre, has adjustable height settings and is straightforward to start. Make sure you choose the right mower for the size of your lawn. Corded mower and hand mowers are more suited to smaller lawns while a petrol engine is essential for larger lawns.

Hedge Trimmer

Hedges require a fair bit of work to keep them neat and tidy and looking their best. Hedge trimming can be tricky and dangerous so it’s important to have the right hedge trimmer. You’ll want one that’s not too heavy and that is big on safety features. Choose from battery, cordless and petrol models depending on how many hedges you have and how tough they are. Don’t forget the safety goggles, gloves and ear protection when hedge trimming. Keeping the cord over your shoulder will prevent any nasty accidents.

Blower Vac

A blower vac is designed to save you time and effort when clearing large amounts of leaves and debris from your lawn, driveway and footpaths. Blower vacs with built-in mulchers are best as they mulch the leaves as you go. Choose one that has variable speed settings, a collection bag that isn’t too large (the bigger the heavier!) and switches easily from blower to vacuum. Remember, ear protection is essential when using a blower


Chainsaws make light work of big jobs. Whether you need to remove diseased tree branches or cut up firewood, a chainsaw will come in handy around the garden. Choose from either electric or petrol, keeping in mind the size of the job/s you need to tackle, and how often you are likely to use your chainsaw. It goes without saying that chainsaws can be dangerous, so choose a model that is big on safety features and always take precautions. Keeping your chainsaw well maintained will also reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Line Trimmer

More commonly known as a whipper snipper, a line trimmer is required to cut grass along fence lines, walls and garden edges. Like most other power garden tools, line trimmers are available in corded, battery and petrol models. The best line trimmer for you will depend on the size and shape of your garden and how many obstacles there are (paths, garden beds and walls etc). Other features to look for include a see-through fuel tank so you can see when the petrol is running low and a clutch to stop the head from spinning when idle.

Isons stock a range of power gardening tools from leading brands such as Dewalt, Makita, EGO, Bosch, Yard Force, Masport and Victa Hawk. Come down and see us on the South Coast in 4 convenient locations  – Nowra, South Nowra, Sanctuary Point and Huskisson.